Bricky Blocks Necktie Blue


Create the ultimate necktie with the Bricky Blocks Necktie Blue. Since you’re able to build onto this necktie you can create a piece of clothing that is uniquely yours!

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Building Your DreamsGrowing up, every playtime revolved around your building blocks. They were endless entertainment and a constant outlet for your creativity. You loved everything about it. From mixing and matching the pieces of the brick people to creating the wildest shaped structure for them to live in, you wished your building block world could be the real world.If it were easier done, we’d build that with you! How fun all the brick-made clothes and rooms could be, full of color and countless options for interior design. Alas, save the rare exception to the rule, building an entire home and wardrobe out of interlocking blocks is off the table. However, with a little bit of imagination and this Bricky Blocks Necktie in Blue, you can add a bit of your building block fantasy world to your closet!Product DetailsAs a huge fan of everything interlocking blocks can do, this unique accessory is perfect for your brick-person Halloween costume or everyday wardrobe! Starting with the plain blue base plate, you’ll be set to unleash your creativity. Simply add a few Bricky Block brick sets to your cart to make your designs a reality. Featuring the same interlocking technology you’ve grown up with, our available 1×1 bricks click into place on this necktie with ease. Mix and match time and again for an accessory fit for every occasion, costume, and one-of-a-kind outfit!

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