Red Queen Leggings


These Red Queen Leggings are the perfect staple for your wardrobe. They can be used for year-round fun, or to add some flair to your Queen of Hearts Halloween costume!

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Queen of HeartsYou can’t help it. You’re just such a warm and generous person (and such a snappy dresser!) that people tend to fall in love with you at first sight. That’s why you like to show that you’re super approachable and full of good vibes by the way you choose to dress! Product DetailsShow off the hearts you stole when you wear your Red Heart Leggings! These cute and sassy bottoms are made from a stretch-knit blend of of polyester and spandex. The ankle-length style is universally flattering, while the elastic waistband gives it extra comfort. A line of red metallic hearts marches down the outer side of each leg and is perfectly set off against the black background. We Heart These Leggings Wearing your heart on your sleeve is too last-year. Wearing it on your leg is much more fashionable! Prepare to have your heart captured by this adorable accessory. 

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