Yellow Aviator Glasses


Accessorize your costume with these bright Yellow Aviator Glasses. These glasses have yellow tinted lenses and a metal frame with peach colored details.

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Road Trip ReadySo, you’re on your way to Las Vegas? Yeah, baby! This is going to be great. You’ve got a convertible rented and gassed up to go. You’ve got a bucket hat to keep your poor ears from getting burnt by the desert sun. And what’s that you’ve got in that bag? Oh boy. You might want to slow down. Instead of a suitcase full of illicit substances, you might want to consider packing plenty of nutritious snacks and a couple of gallons of water. You’re not going to listen to our road trip advice, are you? Well, if you’re headed to Bat Country, at least you’ve got a cool pair of specs?Product DetailsThis cheery pair of yellow sunglasses will pair well with a range of costumes from paranoid journalists to hardened cops. The gold wire rims are trimmed with retro peach color trim. The side pieces fold up nice and clean, which is great since the classic aviator shape can be used again and again once your costumed event is through.Sunny Days AheadWe’re sure you’re going to find plenty of reasons to break out these sunnies. The yellow is practically perfect for your bright costume future. Just be sure to be careful of the sun as these are purely for cool points and don’t contain UV protection!

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