Tinker Bell Tiara


Need a little fairy pick-me-up for your little girl? The Tinker Bell Tiara isn’t made of pixie dust, but it does have your girl’s favorite Disney character on the front.

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“All you need is faith, trust, and a little pixie dust.” Oh, and of course, your very own Disney Fairy tiara! We like hanging out with Tinker Bell. She’s always got a stash of pixie dust on hand for a quick adventure before dinner. Wearing this tiara is sort of like being pals with Tink, even though it isn’t made of real pixie dust. This officially licensed Tinker Bell Tiara is the perfect way to complete your Tink costume! It is a beautiful combination of silver and green, and will make your little girl feel like a fairy! It features Tinker Bell’s image, in the middle of a green feathered detail, and among a crown of beads and jewels. When she is wearing this tiara, no one will miss your little fairy, especially when she is in her complete Tinker Bell ensemble. She will feel like flying with delight, as soon as she puts this on, so make sure she stays on the ground long enough to get her Halloween candy!

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