Adult Crimson Riding Cloak


Finish off any costume with this bright Crimson Riding Cloak! This exclusive velvet cape has a hood attached and ties at the neck with a satin ribbon.

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Curious in CrimsonYou’ve got secrets. Yes, even if you think that you’re an open book. You still have secrets. It might be a small secret, like where you keep your candy stash or a secret Myspace page that you still update. Or perhaps it’s something big. Maybe you meet with a clandestine sect, maybe you’re the leader of said sect. Whatever your secrets might be, you need a costume accessory that will highlight your mysterious side. This red cloak has you covered. Perfect for slipping into the woods on a moonlit night or appearing from out of the shadows, it’s the perfect piece of clothing for a secretive someone. Product DetailsThis dramatic cloak has beautiful, theatrical draping. The hood cinches around the head and can be tied with a wide, glossy ribbon. The long red, shining material has a slit in the sides to let your hands gesture freely while your arms staying in the cloak. Long and draping, this cloak is sure to make a dramatic entrance to any event!A Cast of CharactersWhile you might associate this cloak with the fairy tale character, Red Riding Hood, it can also be used for all sorts of other characters! From a mysterious magical priestess to a vampire, to a jolly Christmas caroler, this costume piece has legs! If you’re looking for costume pieces that you can wear again and again in different ways, then this piece is a great way to build your costume wardrobe. Lightweight and simple, you can fold this away and break it out the next time an opportunity comes along. It’ll make your costume shine whether you’re skipping through the woods to grandmother’s house or stirring a cauldron in a stone circle. Simply pair this with whatever clothing defines your character, tie the grand, shiny bow, and it’s showtime!

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