Women’s Alluring Alice Costume


Whether you are headed to a tea party with the March Hare and Mad Hatter or avoiding the Queen of Hearts, we think our Women’s Alluring Alice Costume will fit all your party needs!

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Through the looking glassAre you always super curious? Maybe you’re always wandering around and poking your head into mysterious tunnels or trying candies that say “Eat me” on them. Maybe you even follow white rabbits with pocket watches into secret new worlds. And do you by chance have a sweet spot for a good cup of tea? If so, you might be Alice from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland!When you’re Alice in Wonderland, you’ve got to wear something that can hold up equally well to croquette games with flamingo mallets, madcap tea parties, fighting off a deck of cards or painting roses red. You can’t just wear any summer dress-and-pinafore combo… You need something both hardy and stylish!Product detailsNext time you decide to follow a rabbit down a mysterious tunnel, make sure you do it in style with this Women’s Alluring Alice Costume. This exclusive costume features a cute light blue satin-like polyester dress with puffed sleeves and a cotton apron sewn on the front. There’s adorable black-and-white lace and ribbon trim details, along with a black velvet bow belt with a hook-and-loop fastener on the back and a velvet collar with ply-cotton lapels. The dress has a zipper down the back for easy wear. There’s also a cute black headband with an attached black-and-white satin bow. (The gloves, purse and boots are sold separately.) We promise this dress looks equally adorable whether it’s been shrunk down to dormouse-size or blown up so big that it fills a house!Curiouser and curiouserNow you’re ready to climb through the nearest mirror and explore an upside-down world while always looking impeccably dressed. Just be sure to take whatever the Cheshire Cat says with a grain of salt and keep your wits about you, especially around the Mad Hatter!

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