Woolly Mammoth Costume for Kids


Let your child become a cool prehistoric mammoth in this exclusive Kid’s Woolly Mammoth Costume. It’s a perfect warm Halloween costume option for your kiddos!

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Has he always just wanted to “get woolly?” Does he love history and the extinct animals that roamed the earth of long ago? Does he just want to stomp the ground with his hooves and fight his friends with his tusks?Then, boy oh boy, do we have just the thing for him. This kid’s Woolly Mammoth costume! This unique costume is ready to let any boy or girl bring the ancient mammal back from extinction. (Un-extinct them? Is that a thing!?)This delightful costume has all the styling of the ancient animal, but it a fun polyester fur and fleece ensemble. it’s made and designed by us, right here in our HalloweenCostumes.com studio, so you can be assured that it’s not only made with top notch construction, but that it will last for many, many stompings.Styled as a jumpsuit and headpiece combination, the long pile fur and felt “toenails” over the hands and feet will turn your kiddo into a furry critter. And when they secure the over-sized headpiece, the prehistoric transformation will be complete! With huge ears, a hanging trunk and two hanging tusks, even the smallest kiddo will feel just like a massive Mammoth.You’re only going to find this exclusive costume for sale right here at HalloweenCostumes.com, so get it for your kid to make sure you’re doing your part to “un-extinct” the Woolly Mammoth!

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