Starry Cape


Complete your wizard look with this exclusive Starry Cape! The floor length cape is extremely luxurious and features a silver sparkly star overlay!

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ONE WITH THE UNIVERSEWhen you hear that someone has blended in with a kind of cosmic oneness, it is natural to assume that we’re talking about a monk that has connected with a state of nirvana or at least a powerful sorcerer that has magically ascended.All true!  But, there are plenty of other ways to reach this mystical state.  The list is extensive, but we’ll try.  Disney Princess, alien royalty, galactic empress… Hmm.  Noticing a pattern.  Unless you’re lucky enough to be born into a dimensional monarchy, your star-blending days are rather limited!  But, we’re here with options.PRODUCT DETAILSSo long as you’re fortunate enough to come upon the right magical item, anyone can elevate themselves to the state of cosmic wizard… and this luxurious, floor-length Starry Cape is just the thing to make that happen.  This velvet cape is practically a gown on its own thanks to its floor-dusting length and glittering tulle overlay.  Don’t forget the elegant filigree clasp at the neck, either! MAKE THEM SEE STARSWhen you glide into the room with this Starry Cape and dazzle all who see you with your command of cosmic magic, you’ll be the instant center of attention and all will bow in fealty.  Hey!  That’s how you become a galactic ruler!  

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