Kids Wario Deluxe Costume


It will be Wario time when your child dress up in this Kids Wario Deluxe Costume. Featuring Wario’s iconic look from the Super Mario Bros video games, this Kids Wario Deluxe Costume may just help them win when racing against their friends or family member

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Embrace the “W”Of course you could be Mario. In fact, you’ve likely assumed the role of Mario a few times in life. But how many times does one really want to rescue the princess, serve the Mushroom Kingdom, and vanquish King Bowser? It’s great fun to save the day — and we don’t know about you — but sometimes we just want to chill, eat garlic, count our coins, and enjoy a motorcycle ride. Mario is good for archetypal heroic fun, while Wario just vibes and rolls where the wind blows. There’s honor in that, we think. So are you ready to play the hero’s foil for once? Perhaps it’s time to embrace your wild side by dressing up as Wario from the Super Mario series. Design & DetailsThis Deluxe Wario Costume for Kids lets your little one transform into the villainous Nintendo character. First of all, it’s officially licensed, which is like a stamp of approval by Bowser himself. Do you have any idea how high his standards are?It comes with a purple and yellow jumpsuit that mimics the look of Wario’s outfit from the video games. It even has an inflatable belly, which you can place inside the jumpsuit to get that classic plump look.  It also comes with a yellow hat, which has the big Wario “W” on the front. It also comes with a pair of gloves with a “W” on the front of each one. The final piece to this costume is the included faux mustache. It has attached adhesive backing, but works best with spirit gum. Note: motorcycle not included!

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