Adult Candy Cane Costume


You will look just like the quintessential Christmas treat when you wear this Adult Candy Cane Costume. This festive outfit is also available for kids!

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When it is holiday time, there is nothing we look forward to more than the sweets that we’ll get to eat. It is the one thing that most clearly connects each holiday throughout the year, whether we’re going door-to-door during Halloween, calling out our ‘Trick or Treats,’ gathering with the family during Easter and hunting around for hidden eggs and the chocolate candies hidden in baskets, enjoying a summer parade and leaping up to collect the tossed out smarties and jolly ranchers, or awaiting the winter holiday and Christmas season to enjoy festively iced cookies and white-and-red-striped candy canes.If there is one thing that we could use more in the world is a reminder of the festive mood surrounding Santa’s favorite holiday. Some of us keep the tree up all year round or leave our holiday lights up even long after the snow has departed. Admittedly, some of that might be because we don’t want to do the work to take them down only to put them up again, but it is better to think that we want to maintain the festive mood. Another way we might do the same is to keep candy canes in stock at all times!You can start that tradition by not only toting some along with you but by stepping into this Adult Candy Cane costume. The recognizable design will have people salivating for the peppermint sweetness when you don this pullover tunic with holes for your face and arms. You’ll find it hard not to grin wide when looking through this candy cane lens… but we strongly recommend bringing a nice tote of actually edible ones as we cannot promise that people won’t try licking you!

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