Girl’s Charming Witch Costume


Conjure up some trouble this Halloween in our exclusive Girl’s Charming Witch Costume. This outfit features a black & gray dress and a black witch’s hat.

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A Stitch in TimeIt’s easier than ever to become a successful witch. No longer do magical charmers have to worry about getting in trouble for whipping up potions and stirring up some day-to-day charms. But we can’t take these new witchy privileges for granted. We still have to keep that magic pretty subtle. There will be no resurrecting toads in biology class. Young witches are going to have to use regular pens instead of their wicked cool quill that writes in sparkly fairy dust. And until we get witches in powerful spots in our judicial system, kids just shouldn’t be riding their brooms to school. But in the meantime, you can prepare them for a time when magic roams free. This costume is a great place to start. With a modern take on the classic witch uniform, your kiddo will look right at home stirring her very own cauldron!Details & DesignOur Made by Us costume is a trendy twist on a classic witch costume. The pinafore-style dress has a striped, patched fabric to make your little one feel a little sassy and tough. The gray shirt is attached to the dress and comes with a bow at the neck and the belt in the middle makes for a Salem era callback. And of course, this look is topped off with a pointed witch hat and it has a matching patched fabric and the brim has a ruched brim. You’ll love how picturesque the balance of classic and fashionable your kiddo looks!Cackle ReadyThink your kiddo is ready to merge into witch mode? You’ll love pairing this costume with adorable accessories like brooms, green makeup, and a stuffed black cat. It’s super easy to pair this with sturdy black tights so that when a chill kicks up while trick-or-treating your kiddo will stay charming instead of getting chilly! No matter what you pair with this costume, it comes out of the bag cackle ready!

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