Adult Eggo Waffle Costume


The Adult Eggo Costume is a fun idea that is sure to get you some attention at your Halloween party!

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Fluffy PerfectionThere’s nothing like it. The excitement you feel when you hear the toaster pop. The sweet smell that fills the kitchen. The first bite of that warm, perfectly golden Eggo Waffle. It’s like heaven! Well, now you can transform the perfect breakfast experience into the perfect costume experience with this Eggo Waffle Costume!Design & DetailsDon’t try to take a bite out of this Adult Eggo Costume! It might look like a freshly toasted waffle, but it’s actually a simple, tunic-style top. It has adjustable shoulder straps and features the unmistakable, realistic look of a classic Eggo Waffle. It even has printed syrup details, so you’ll be the most delicious looking one at your next costume party!

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