Adult Blippi Kit


Hey, it’s me Blippi! Have learning and educating those around you as the beloved Blippi when you get this Adult Blippi Kit. This Adult Blippi Kit features Blippi themed accessories that will you have transformed into Blippi in no time!

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Fan FavoriteFor 10 to 30 minutes a day, at least, your toddler only has eyes for one person, Blippi. No matter what you try, Blippi has your kiddo captivated. You’ve made up songs about colors and shapes. You created a clean-up dance that involves cartwheels and complicated free throws to land each toy in the toybox. You’ve even made up a voice that’s remarkedly similar to Blippi’s. But to no avail. Blippi’s dances, songs, and adventures are just too cool! Your child doesn’t even realize they’re learning good eating habits or all about the planet. What’s a parent to do that could compete against this fan-favorite?We know! Invite Blippi for a visit! We’re absolutely certain the bespectacled educator will be able to convince your toddler to share their time, especially since you’ll be playing the role of Blippi!Product DescriptionReclaim your place as the favorite with this officially licensed Adult Blippi Kit! This easy-to-use costume kit includes the essential pieces that make Blippi, Blippi! Choose your favorite slacks and button-down to start your look. Clip the included suspenders to your waistband and the bow tie to your collar for a quick transformation. Then slide the matching orange glasses up your nose and place that blue and orange beret on your head, and Blippi lives!Fun for AllBlippi’s educational videos may be geared to children, but there’s fun for everyone when Blippi’s involved! Whether you’re planning a Blippi birthday party or surprising your toddler with a visit from Blippi on Halloween, this Adult Blippi kit has you covered! Entertain your kiddo and bring a smile to your own face when you become the charismatic character who’s always ready to play!

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