Parrot: Shoulder Buddy


Complete your pirate costume with the Parrot Shoulder Buddy. Everyone will come up to and say, Cool parrot. So if you want that, this is perfect.

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Green and GrumpyThis parrot is very grumpy. Why is he so grumpy? Because he has been sitting at the pet store for 27 years. He’s watched young pups and kittens come and go. Boa constrictors and ferrets have lingered for only a few days each. Even the bottom-feeding fish have been hard to keep around, but this old grump has only been up for adoption once. That fell through thanks to a couple of unsavory phrases that he squawked at the very wrong moment.The pet store employees have started their own Charm School for the grumpy Gus, and it seems to be having an effect. But after 27 years, it seems the only way he’s going anywhere is if a pirate walks through the front door.Product DetailsTrust us, despite his grumpy look, he really is a nice parrot. He loves to ride on shoulders. And since he weighs about as much as a latex glove, it’s like he isn’t even there. And he holds on tight, like a binder clip, so you’d be free to move around even if he followed you everywhere. Plus, he is quite beautiful with his lime-green feathers and yellow beak. We’d even miss him a bit if you decided to give him a good home.Quiet CharmLet’s clear up one extra thing: he’s almost always quiet. A couple squeaks every now and then, but after a couple of Parrot Charm School lessons, he’s really cleaned up his language. We’re certain he’d make a perfect Parrot Shoulder Buddy for any occasion!

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