Harry Potter Light up Deluxe Severus Snape Wand


Wield the wand of one of the most intriguing characters in the Potterverse. This Harry Potter Deluxe Light up Severus Snape Wand will give hours of enjoyment.

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The Bravest SlytherinYou’re not evil. You’re just misunderstood! If your one true love married your school rival and gave birth to the Chosen One, that might make you a little salty, wouldn’t it? If you had to look at that little bugger’s lightning bolt scar in your classroom every day, maybe you would be tempted toward the dark arts, too. Ultimately, your sense of right and wrong, plus your loyalty toward Lily Potter, is too strong to deny. The Dark Lord may try to turn you to his nefarious purposes, but he will not prevail! Maybe try to avoid large pet snakes, though. That’s always a good principle to live by.Product DetailsYou might not be anyone’s favorite teacher, but no one can say that your wizardly skills aren’t the best of the best. This is really thanks to your trusty wand. It’s not the Elder Wand, but it suits you fine for all your spellcasting needs. This Harry Potter Deluxe Light Up Severus Snape Wand is made of plastic molded to look like wood, and its tip fires with impressive light whenever you unleash your powers (read: press the button)! Go ahead and cast your best toenail-growing hex!

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