Adult Black Webbed Gloves


Add the finishing touch to you costume with this exclusive pair of Adult Black Webbed Gloves. This creepy, monster-themed glove is perfect for putting the finishing touch on a Halloween costume.

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You might be thinking to yourself, “What kind of advantages might I have in life if I were to have webbed hands.” You weren’t thinking that? Well, let us tell you anyways! Here are just some of the many advantages of having webbed hands. You can try to disguise yourself as a duck, to fit in with the duck community. You can pretend to be a superhero with duck-themed powers. You regale people with stories of your enhanced swimming abilities (like a duck). Also, webbed hands are great for other duck-related activities. But how can one get webbed hands?These Adult Black Webbed Gloves let your otherwise ordinary-looking hands look like an amazing pair of webbed hands! They’re made of spandex material, so they have a tight, form fit for duck enthusiasts, or web enthusiasts. It goes great with many different costumes, or just as an item to wear while you feed ducks at the park.

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