Seahorse Shimmer Fin Arm Cuffs


If you’re trying to be a seahorse for Halloween you will not want to skip on the Seahorse Shimmer Fin Arm Cuffs. Featuring two green cuffs to look like fins. They sparkle too!

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We See a Seahorse!No matter where you live, we want you to close your eyes an imagine the ocean. Not the vast expanse of the high seas, or the cold regions at the North and South Poles. Instead, picture a coral reef. There is an abundance of life and color here, a staggering variety of plants and sea creatures. Anenomes and other plants float their tendrils in the gentle current, while the shimmer and flash of fish scales catches your eye. Amongst all of this splendor, you spot one of the ocean’s special delights—a tiny seahorse! Tranform into a (much larger) version of your favorite aquatic creature with these Seahorse Shimmer Fin Arm Cuffs.Product DetailsThese arm cuffs are all about shine! The scale pattern on the cuffs and fins flashes with different shades of blue green. The fins feature a pink “spine” edge along the long side, while the bottom of each fin and cuff has a scalloped edge to further the scale detailing. If you want more seahorse apparel, we have the matching fin headband on our website! And if you’d rather be a mermaid, a rainbow fish, or another sea animal, these cuffs will add a nice touch.

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