Child Tiger Kit


This Child Tiger Kit will bring your tiger costume to life! This accessory kit will allow you to trick-or-treat in a moment’s notice, and will help with quick and easy transformations into a tiger at home!

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Has anyone ever wondered if tigers are orange with black stripes, or black with orange strips? Well we have and we want the answer! But for now, while we try to track down the answer, why don’t you take a look at this Child’s Tiger Kit! This is the fastest way to transform into your favorte feline friend, which means less time getting ready, and more time Trick or Treating! Give your child a chance to become the wild cat of the party with this Child Tiger Kit. This is perfect for an animal themed party, or just a dress up day at home! Pair the ears, bow, and tail, with black leggings and an orange shirt, or take it up a notch, and wear a tutu with striped tights! The choice is yours, but we suggest you practice your growl beforehand! You don’t want to be too shy to let your voice be heard! Stay fierce!

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