Yellow Cluster Collar Women’s Necklace


You may not be actual royalty, but Halloween is the only time of year when we can be whatever we want! Show off your inner grace and honor with the new Women’s Yellow Cluster Collar Necklace!

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A New Heiress Is in Town! Have you heard the news? Lady Winterberry is hosting her niece for the season! The young lady is rumored to be exceptionally lovely – and to have an exceptional fortune. Will she accept the hand of a duke or earl…or will she elope with her poor but dashing sweetheart? Product Details Look like a duchess (even if you don’t have a town house in London and a mansion in Derbyshire!) when you wear this Women’s Yellow Cluster Collar necklace! The short necklace is made of yellow, white, and clear faux gemstones in cushion, princess, oval and round shapes. Like a Million Bucks This costume necklace looks worthy of being kept in the Tower of London, but you don’t have to break in and steal it in order to wear it (in fact, please don’t do that.) Use it to ornament your debutante ensemble and turn the heads of the Ton! 

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