Conquistador Halberd Spear Adult


Conquer enemies with our Adult Conquistador Spear Accessory. This prop weapon features a blade and spear to complete your conqueror costume.

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A Most Excellent Weapon SelectionAh, so we see you’ve decided to be a brawny brawler for Halloween. An excellent choice! Well, next step’s next, and it doesn’t matter if you’re suiting up as a medieval knight or as a Spanish conquistador, we’ve got a most excellent weapon selection just for you. The Halberd!This fierce weapon combined the benefits of the range of a long spear with the brutal offensive capabilities of an axe, which let halberdiers show their battle prowess in a variety of situations. So, we decided to make a plastic version of this wicked weapon so that you could be a halberdier yourself. This Conquistador Halberd Spear Accessory is the result of our efforts, and it’s ready to complete your costume theme!Design & DetailsThis Conquistador Spear is a Made by Us exclusive, developed and designed in our own studios and manufactured in our exclusive facility. It comes in 2 pieces, with the spear point and axe head being detachable for shipping and transport. It measures about 60″ long, and is painted in a realistic finish. The shaft is wood tone with spiral grooves down the length, and the “blade” pieces are painted in a silver metal tone.

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