Women’s Elf on the Shelf Poncho Costume


Hop of the shelf and celebrate Christmas when you wear this Women’s Elf on the Shelf Poncho Costume! This fun and simple costume will be an easy way to dress up for the holidays.

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Santa’s Sweet Spy Squad How does Santa see you when you’re sleeping and know when you’re awake? His secret is simple: He relies on friendly and sneaky advisors! Every year, thousands of his best elves show up in homes across the world and hang out with the families until Christmas Eve. Their job is to spread holiday cheer – while making sure that all of the boys and girls are on their best behavior! They want to make sure that everyone gets the presents in Santa’s bag, so they sneak around the house and keep a lookout for good deeds and kind words. Then they report back to the Big Man so that he can check his list twice! Product DetailsLend Santa a hand in this Elf on the Shelf Poncho Costume for Women! Nothing is more more festive and cozy than a long pullover poncho made of soft polyester and trimmed with white fabric dotted with red snowflakes. An Elf on the Shelf decal sewn to the front shows that you’re here on official North Pole business! The included felt collar has a zig-zag design and fastens in the back. Match it to the white felt mittens and the pointed red and white elf hat and get ready to do some sneaking! Elf Antics On the one hand, it’s so much fun to have a real North Pole elf in the house with you throughout the Christmas season! On the other hand, it means that snitching a holiday cookie from the cookie jar won’t go unnoticed. Better leave that delicious treat where it is – Santa will approve! 

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