Woolly Mammoth Toddler Costume


Turn your child in to one of the coolest prehistoric animal to roam the earth with this Woolly Mammoth Toddler Costume.

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Imagine: You’re basically a caveman, wearing the hide of a deer you crept up on three suns ago. But the bitter winter night closes in and winds pick up, rendering the pelt useless. You need to wear something larger and furrier than most creatures, without getting eaten by one. Then you see a huge mass of fur and muscle, grazing the frozen plains of the tundra, unaffected by the ancient winter storms… The Woolly Mammoth; a prehistoric force of nature, and a massive resource for any carnivore trying to survive, specifically humans. The docile animal, until provoked, provided tons of food and resources for the people of the time. Had Mammoths not been around, our numbers would be fewer. You know, other than having to defend your own skin and fur from people, being a Mammoth could have been pretty chill. The fiercest predators known to man would flee at the sight of you, deep snow was never an issue and a vegan diet made for an abundant food source. So what better way to keep your trick-or-treaters warm than dressing them as the Ice Age’s warmest baby behemoth? They can weather the elements and ring doorbells all night, stockpiling many suns-worth of candy for the coming winter. Although we don’t recommended it for sub-zero temperatures, this Woolly Mammoth toddler jumpsuit features attached tusks, ears and trunk with complementing feet accents on all four limbs. Pair with some of our other prehistoric costume ideas for the quintessential cave-dwelling family look.

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