Medieval King Wig for Men


The only way your people will listen to you at the Renaissance festival is if you look like a real monarch. The Medieval king wig makes sure every knows who the boss is.

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When you’re the big cheese of a whole kingdom, you need to look a cut above the common folk. A peasant’s mousy pate just won’t command the kind of respect a king deserves. Lucious brown locks, on the other hand, will show them all that you really just might be of more refined stock.So yes, you can wear this lustrous brown wig to portray a king. But it’s versatile too. Other suggestions include Jesus from The Walking Dead or Jesus from The Bible (the King of Kings, don’tcha know). It’s perfect for your Creedence Clearwater Revival cosplay (go ahead and name your CCR cover band that, see if we care) or any hirsute 60s hippie––John Lennon or Charles Manson. Or a 70s porn king. Or the Burger King. Whatever royalty suits your fancy. Show your virility with this gorgeous head of hair.

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