Make-Up FX Latex Spike Wounds


These Make-Up FX Latex Spike Wounds make your back look like it has the coolest scars to walk the earth… though walking might be pretty hard with those babies sticking out.

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Finally! Maybe you were bitten by a dragon. Maybe your ancestors had some questionable family legends. Whatever! The important thing is that what you wanted most is happening at last – you’re morphing into a cool half-human, half-predator creature! You’re absolutely thrilled! Except the transformation is a lot more painful than you thought it was going to be. There’s a lot of blood, too. Also, you’ll have to get a different wardrobe because your new features aren’t going to fit underneath a typical button-down. Product DetailsAmaze and gross out your friends with these Make-UP FX Latex Spike Wounds! The kit includes four matching latex spikes that look like they’re poking out of a bloody flesh wound. The included adhesive lets you stick them on your body without any discomfort (although they will look incredibly realistic!) Best Costume Ever Show off your new spikes in style! Anytime you wear these accessories will be a truly memorable occasion. 

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