Woodstock Hippie Costume for Men


Travel back to the good ol’ days and sing Kumbaya this Halloween with our exclusive Men’s Woodstock Hippie Costume! This psychedelic costume is available in sizes small to XL.

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Far Out, ManThe sound of an acoustic guitar strumming the chords to “Kumbaya”. The smell of wildflowers wafting across the field. The feel of the natural grass on your bare feet as you sit cross-legged on the ground. The bright sun shining down on your shoulders. The rumble of a drum circle beating a reggae rhythm in the distance. Ah, yes. It’s a good day to be a hippie.Unfortunately, you might be a little bit late to the party. Woodstock’s prime days ended half a century ago and many of the hippies moved on. It’s truly sad that it had to go that way, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up! If you feel like a true hippie in your heart and soul, then maybe it’s time to bring back the good vibes of the 1960s. Maybe it’s time for this Woodstock Hippie costume.Design & DetailsOur costume designers listened to every psychedelic song from the 1960s to get ready for this hippie costume. This Woodstock Hippie costume is what they came up with! The costume comes with a loose fitting shirt that has a deep V-neck and wide bell sleeves. It also has hippie-inspired patterning on the chest and cuffs. The faux suede vest has plenty of fringe on the bottom. Finally, the bell-bottom pants have a colorful stripe pattern and have a comfortable elastic waistband.Maximum ChillOf course, it’ll be up to you to provide the relaxed, mellow attitude when you wear this outfit. You might also want to toss on your favorite pair of shades to complete the look! After that in this Mens 60s Costume, you can head to the nearest grassy field to begin your own music festival… or you can just hang out in the basement and play records if you’re feeling a little too relaxed for all that!

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