Hocus Pocus Classic Women’s Mary Costume


Be a member of the classic witch trio in this Hocus Pocus Women’s Classic Mary Costume. You’ll bring back a piece of your childhood and look good doing it.

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We Smell SuccessWhen you think of witches, what comes to mind? What do they do? They make potions, of course, and fly on their broomsticks. But in Disney’s Hocus Pocus, the Sanderson sisters also have magical abilities that are unique to each sister. Sarah can sing enchanting tunes to turn people to her will. The lead sister, Winifred, can shoot bolts of electric energy from her hands. And Mary? Mary is known for her strong nose! It may seem odd, but Mary’s keen sense of smell sniffs out children to keep the sisters young. Now you can dress up as this witchy super sniffer in a Hocus Pocus Women’s Classic Mary Costume!Product DetailsThis easy to wear dress combines all the layers while still maintaining lots of witchy details. The Sandersons aren’t afraid to mix colors and patterns! The orange blouse connects to a maroon bodice and skirt. A plaid overskirt and purple apron, all also connected, complete Mary’s eclectic look. Hoops along the waistline and a bow at the end of the bodice’s faux lacing add to the 3D effect. Looking for a wig for Mary’s wild hair? If it’s not on our website, it’s still easy to find this exact wig! Hide Your ChildrenMary has woken from her sleep, and she is hungry for young flesh! This spooky but cute take on the Hocus Pocus witch is perfect for any costume event. We also have costumes for Winifred and Sarah, so you and your friends can party together!

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