Women’s Tactical Police Costume


Decide whether you want to play good cop or bad cop in this exclusive Women’s Tactical Police Costume! Troublemakers beware when you’re on patrol on Halloween.

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Gear UpIs your repel line secured? Are your specialized tools holstered? Are you ready for the mission? Good! Now go. Carry out your orders. Because it’s time to descend into this party for a good time!You’ll be the officer that everyone wants to see at their party when you dress up in this Women’s Tactical Police Costume. It comes with plenty of pieces to help give you an authentic look. It’s one of our many Made by Us costumes, so you can count on the quality to last you through any costume party.Design & DetailsThis exclusive costume is made and designed by us right here at HalloweenCostumes.com. It comes with 5 pieces, including a vest, a pair of pants, a belt, a holster, and a pair of gloves. Graphic printed pants along with holster and belt make you look like an authentic member of a SWAT team. Wear the zip up vest with a spandex athletic shirt for a tough-as-nails appearance, or just wear the vest as a top for the sexy police look. Whether you patrol the party or just plant yourself at the bar to investigate a few cocktails, we’re sure you’re going to love the cool style that comes with this elite costume.

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