Wise Man Gray Wig and Beard


The Men’s Wise Man Gray Wig and Beard will have you looking like one of the three wise men! Follow the star to find the one that needs your wisdom the most in the world.

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Beardy BravadoYou’ve tried everything to get a beard. You’ve tried rubbing some hair growth serum that you got from a guy wearing a velvet top hat on the corner. He seemed to earnestly believe in his product, raving on and on about the wonders of snake oil but when you woke up you still didn’t have a crumb catcher! You didn’t give up, of course. You went on to follow up with your mother’s advice from childhood. She said that bread crust would make your hair grow thick and curly. Soon enough you were peeling off the outside of a freshly baked loaf. Your local pidgeons got a carbo load feast, your jaw got a workout, but your face remained chin curtain free. If you ask us, it’s time you sought outside help that doesn’t include old wives tales or medicine shows. Product DetailsThis beard is paired with a lush, curly wig and an adhesively backed mustache. The beard itself is lush with kinky curls and a full, dignified shape. It’s comfortable with an elastic strap that simply goes around your head to instantly transform you into a wise man. Wooly WisdomIf you’re ready to head out into the world as a wise man, you absolutely must have a beard! You’ll be ready to prophesize or star in a church play in an instant when you’re wearing this look. All you need is a dignified robe and maybe a staff. Hey, maybe you didn’t grow this beard yourself but that doesn’t mean you’re any less wise!

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