Women’s Sexy Musketeer Costume


One for all and all for one! In our exclusive Women’s Musketeer Costume you’ll be ready to take on anything and look good doing it. With the flowing cape and tight leggings you will be turning heads and taking names in no time.

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One for All, and All for One!After years of training and preparation, you’ve finally been invited to join the ranks of the Musketeers, France’s elite fighting force. You can’t wait to embark on daring adventures, swashbuckling your way across Europe as you protect France from all enemies. Your heart brims with loyalty, determination and a commitment to all that is good and noble.But, if you’re really honest, all that isn’t the real reason you joined the Musketeers… That would be the outfits. The Musketeers just have such darn fantastic uniforms! No other country’s 17th century guards have half as much flair for fashion as the Musketeers!Product DetailsFight for France in this exclusive Women’s Musketeer Costume. The outfit is made of the the finest 100 percent polyester fabrics and looks just like a uniform of one of the king’s elite guard! The blue pullover shirt has a jersey knit back panel, poplin front panel and white gathered chiffon sleeves with elastic at the cuffs. There are printed Musketeer-style graphics on the shirt front, while there’s also a dashing blue cape with white silver lining. The cape fastens with a metal snap at the front of a lace-edged collar and is perfect for swishing theatrically during every sword fight! The costume also comes with fashionable black faux leather gloves with wide, flared cuffs, as well as a heroic Musketeer hat! The black hat is foam-backed and has a turned up brim, along with a charming feather on the side. (Toy sword, leggings and boots sold separately.)French Fashion FlairOverthrowing evil despots and rescuing fair damsels in distress is all well and good, but it doesn’t really mean much if you can’t look good while doing it. But as a Musketeer, you have the best of both worlds!

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