Kid’s Full Moon Fury Costume


This is the ultimate werewolf Kid’s Full Moon Fury Costume. If you want to be terrifying, look no further. You’ll fit right in with all the other werewolves on Halloween night!

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Don’t Fight the NightThe sun is going down. A tired looking, unhinged fella is begging his friends to tie him up and make sure the knots are tight. He’s recently caught a bad case of werewolf during a camping trip gone wrong. His friends tie him up and lock the door tight at the top of the stairs. They might even build a barricade. But something goes wrong. They might forget the cellar door that leads straight to the outdoors. Fred might insist on checking on their pal after hearing a long struggle then silence, telling his friends, “I’ll only be a minute. I’ve just gotta make sure he’s all right”. The next thing you know, Fred’s been bitten and the wolf is loose!Product DetailsYour child will love feeling like a wild beast in this faux leather and faux fur costume. The look features a torn up black vest and shaggy wolf sleeves. It’s topped with a tough wolf mask with snarling teeth and angry looking red eyes. Pair the top and mask with your child’s most torn up pair of jeans and he’ll be ready to head into the wilderness. “Were” it with StyleThe point is, even if you tie the wolf up, he’s always going to escape. The draw of the full moon is just too much. What you gotta do is lean in. Plan your weekend getaways around the full moon. Invest in a cabin that’s hours away from all other human life. Once you’re there, hole up with the doors locked and the windows blocked and watch your favorite Rom-Coms as your werewolf loved one rips around outside. In the morning, take out a raw steak and enjoy the fresh country air. If you’re going to be a werewolf, you might as well do it right!

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