Blonde Bombshell Women’s Costume


Give yourself a classic beauty look and wear this Blonde Bombshell Women’s Costume for Halloweeen. It features a white mod 50’s halter dress.

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Lights, Camera, Action!Do you ever wonder what it was like to work in Hollywood in its hay day? It was a smaller world back then. People didn’t have phones in their pockets, tablets at their bedsides, they often didn’t even have televisions in their living rooms. If they wanted to be entertained, they had to head to the velvet seats of the cinema. So it was a big deal to be one of the few folks charming the world from the big silver screen! Paparazzi was a new profession but they caught on quickly enough. If you were a star you had to be careful. You could be doing something as simple as walking over a drafty air grate and when the photographers caught your skirts billowy up, that could be your iconic image for generations to come!Product DetailsThis bright white halter dress will be instantly recognizable as soon as you make your old school Hollywood style entrance. While finding a Subway grate for your reenactment photos is up to you, this dress has a little extra sass with a sheer chiffon skirt the shows the bodysuit underneath. The bodysuit snaps open at the bottom to make trips to the ladies room a breeze. What a fun twist to such an iconic look!Opening NightWhen you show up in this costume people might expect you to be a little extra. You’ll have to learn how to manipulate the dramatic long skirt and to talk in that classic half whisper voice. Just make sure you’ve got the picturesque red shade of lipstick and the curly blond wig and you’ll be ready for your closeup. Want to make this a group costume? Pair up with an old-school baseball player and other major stars from Hollywood. Because as you know, you can take the star out of Hollywood but you can’t take Hollywood out of the girl!

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