Toddler Ariel Classic Costume


Your little princess is going to love this Toddler Ariel Classic Costume! Make it Part of Her World today especially if Ariel is your little one’s favorite Disney Princess!

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When your little one can’t stop singing “Part of Your World” or “Under the Sea” then one thing is for sure: she’s got Little Mermaid fever. That’s alright, we’ve seen it before, and luckily there’s a surefire cure. All you have to do is get your toddler into out Ariel classic costume so she can imaginatively play out the adventures of the Little Mermaid as seen in the Disney animated film. Whether she’s just playing make-believe, or she’s going out for Halloween, we know that this costume is going to be a much loved treasure. Now all she needs is a fork to create that beautiful mermaid hair-do!

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