Women’s Sexy Chick Chicken Costume


Show off your fun and playful side with this Halloween with our Women’s Sexy Chick Chicken Costume! This Chicken costume features a 2 piece costume with yellow pants with a cute red tail on the back and a cropped yellow hoodie with a red tuft on top of th

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Winner, WinnerPigs get so much attention. Their pink skin and sniffling snouts combined with those tiny twisty tails, just make people melt. Same with sheep. They look like snuggly clouds made out of warm cotton. Even when they’re newly shaved that coat of theirs looks beyond soft. Even cows get a good deal of notice, and not just because they’re already large. Apparently, those big eyes of theirs are just the sweetest thing, and if they dare try prancing around their pens, people can’t help but swoon over the awkward dance.You, however, think there’s another barnyard animal that deserves a win. To you, chickens are the best. They’re small, fluffy, and feathery which make them incredibly soft and cute. They have a protective yet playful side that you can’t help but enjoy—a game of tag with a chicken is next level fun. And, when it comes right down to it, they’re absolutely hilarious without trying. Which is why, you plan to guarantee chickens get the attention they should!Design and DetailsWith this Women’s Sexy Chick Chicken Costume from our talented team of designers, you’re sure to help chickens catch some attention. The super-soft two-piece is made with a bright yellow fleece and structured for a close fit. The hood on the long-sleeved midriff top has a red vinyl comb while the pants have a red vinyl tail stitched to the back to help you transform into your favorite barnyard pal.Chicken GrinnerDon’t forget to practice your cluck and strut before dressing in this Made by Us Costume. You’ll be ready to delight anyone you meet in this ensemble that’s sure to have you feeling as happy as a roaming chicken. Whether you’re heading to a costume party or just want a cozy way to enjoy your favorite farm friend at home, this exclusive costume has everything you need!

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