Egyptian Tunic Costume for Kids


Dress your little Egyptian kings and queens accordingly in this Kid’s Egyptian Tunic Costume. They’ll feel like they are the real Cleopatra and King Tut.

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Kid TutIt’s not easy being the Pharaoh of the civilized world. Sure, the ultimate power is nice, but it’s hard too, you know. You don’t see the Grand Vizier having to do algebra homework. You don’t see the High Priest of Amun-Ra being told to eat all his peas before he can have dessert. But when it comes to you, expectations are unbelievably high.If the King of Nubia wasn’t such a doody head big booger-breath, you wouldn’t have such a hard time getting along. But ever since he tattle-taled on you for running by the pool, you’ve had a chip on your shoulder when it comes to international relations affairs with his people.Furthermore, the Persians have been making aggressive moves in the Northeast. You haven’t told your mom about it yet because you don’t want to seem like a baby, but the Kind of Persia is really being a mean butt. No, you don’t have it easy. People just don’t understand how hard it is to rule the richest, most powerful kingdom in the world and go to school at the same time.Product DetailsThis Kid’s Egyptian Tunic Costume is a fitting costume for the ruler of all Egypt. The stylish foam headband with its molded vinyl cobra can be worn with or without the accompanying striped veil, as the Pharaoh desires. The belt has fabric ties and the most opulent faux leather and brocade ribbon draping on the front. The large rectangular crushed velvet can be draped in many ways across the broad shoulders of the Lord of the Nile, or the less-broad shoulders of the Lady of the Nile. The Pullover tunic has cap sleeves to give Pharaoh that extra oomph that he needs to have confidence in the morning.Where’s my mummy?He did it! The King of Persia pushed you in the hallway on the way to Social Studies. As you sit back against the lockers and feel the rage rise within you, you cry out in a loud voice, “I summon my Mummy!” Out of the nearby janitorial supply closet stumbles a humanoid creature covered in bandages and wielding a great staff of power. The King of Persia stumbles back and runs down the hallway screaming. “Thanks, Mr. Janitor,” you say, “now I’ve gotta get to class before the bell!”

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