Men’s Rabbi Costume


Celebrate Purim this year and dress as a Rabbi with this Men’s Rabbi Costume. It features a brown Rabbi robe and shtreimel hat.

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It Takes DedicationNot everyone has what it takes to become an ordained rabbi. It takes years of studying select texts, a fiercely devout faith, and it never hurts if you have a really stellar beard. That means you need to grab a stack of books, head to Temple, and start letting that facial hair grow out! But maybe you’re not quite ready to take that plunge just yet. Maybe you just want to get a feel for what it might be like to look just like an Orthodox Rabbi before you end up taking the plunge.Product DetailsThis adult rabbit costume gives you the look and feel for what it might be like to be an ordained rabbi. Now, it won’t give you the wisdom of a real rabbi and this costume certainly won’t make you any more devout, but it does come with a black coat that has fur lapels that will have you looking like a rabbi in no time. Pair it up with the included belt, which ties around your waist. If you add a dress shirt and tie from your own closet, then you’ll look like you’ve been spending some time studying the Torah.Not OrdainedOf course, we recommend adding our shtreimel hat to the look to create an authentic look. It might just inspire you to take the first steps to becoming a real rabbi. Just be careful not to try passing yourself off as an actual rabbi at Temple, since you will get yourself in a lot of trouble doing that!

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