Women’s Plus Size Nativity Mary Costume


Get ready for the live Nativity Scene with the Women’s Plus Size Nativity Mary Costume! Everyone will love it!

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Mary, Mary, Quite ContraryRemember the day you were skipped over for the role of Mary in the Nativity play? It was devastating. As a Sunday School student, you couldn’t quite understand why they chose your classmate instead of you—especially since the doll cast as baby Jesus was your favorite classroom plaything. However, you didn’t fuss (much), took your role as a sheep, and performed to your best abilities in the oversized and fluffy tunic provided to you. You were jealous of your classmate’s Mary costume, but it definitely had more to do with the doll and not the hand-me-down linen dress and off-white veil she was wearing.When you decided to accept the role of Mary in a live-action Nativity Scene you knew you had found your chance to ace the role you wanted all those years ago. With the right costume, you could put that old Sunday School pageant to shame, which is how you found yourself here.Design and DetailsOur team of designers put together this Plus Size Nativity Mary Costume with an attention to detail that no Sunday School has ever been capable of! This 6-piece costume includes everything needed to portray Mary on the first Christmas. The dress and veil are made with white broadcloth for a comfortable and flowy fit. The kimono-style shawl is made with broadcloth as well, but in light blue that makes this costume recognizable as the Virgin Mary. A Sacred Heart necklace, gold-colored braided belt, and halo-headband complete this costume and guarantee you’ll look as spectacular as the ceramic figurines in Nativity scenes.Show Your StuffSunday School was a long time ago, but those first big rejections can be hard to get over. Now, seize your chance to show your teachers what they were missing when they cast you as a sheep instead of Mary with this Made by Us exclusive! Whether you’re performing in church or putting together your own live-action Nativity Scene, you’ll make an angelic Nativity Mary!

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