Women’s Naughty Nun Costume


Get ready to repent for your sins it’s the Women’s Naughty Nun Costume. Have all eyes on you at your next Halloween Party with the Women’s Naughty Nun Costume.

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It’s hard to avoid all of the opportunities for sin in life. You’ve tried everything. You listened to monastic chanting on your earbuds for years. You walked around in bare feet and sackcloth. You even abstained from wine and chocolate for a couple weeks!When you went so far as to fly to the Swiss Alps and joined that nunnery you thought the world of sin was behind you but then they gave you this super cute outfit. What were they thinking? How could you help getting back on that slippery slope? Then Mother Superior tells you to genuflect in front of that statue of a buff guy at midnight. Well, at this point your sinful thoughts aren’t even your fault. This costume includes a black mini dress with ribbon threading detail. The sleeves are wide and dramatic for that pretty praying pose. You’ll even have a black veil with white detailing to make your nunhood official. Well, so much for a sin free life but hey, your worldly life sure is fun! 

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