Wonder Woman Adult Long-Sleeved Dress


Grab your Lasso of Truth and spring into action this Halloween with this Wonder Woman Adult Long-Sleeved Dress! This costume dress is perfect for DC superhero fans.

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Wonder Wardrobe It can be real tough for the superhero on the go when they look over at some of their counterparts on the Justice League who are garbed up to their gills in padded armor and comfy couture. Heck, even the Man of Steel who can survive in space has an outfit that covers his bare arms. (And he spends half of his time in an icy castle, so you know he’s used to the chill!)Meanwhile, they all look to Wonder Woman who grew up on a tropical island with magically temperate weather and expect her to go sleeveless all the time! When facing up against Mr. Freeze or flying into the upper atmosphere, sometimes a gal just wants to wear something with a touch more coverage! Of course, that may be true for mortals looking to bring their Wonder Woman dreams to life, too. Design & Details That’s why you’ll be pleased to see that we are offering this Wonder Woman Long-Sleeved Dress costume. This is an exclusive outfit that meets all your Wonder Woman expectations while giving you an upgraded style! The dress features a velour front and shiny cuffs at the end of the long sleeves. The skirt is detailed with metallic stars on a satin blue field. The cape fastens at your neck and has metallic edging to match the elastic tiara! Foam-backed boot covers have you leaping into the fray and feeling heroic, too. The comfy fit of the dress allows for a pair of leggings to be worn underneath to truly take a silver-age comic book look into the modern age. Enemies of the Justice League beware… (and so should the chill of a Halloween night). 

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