Women’s Sassy Monkey Costume


You will surely have a wild time this Halloween while you are dressed in our Women’s Sassy Monkey Costume! This costume features a brown fuzzy leotard with a zipper closure and a fun banana zipper pull!

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Monkey BusinessHave you ever heard the phrase “monkey business”? What exactly is monkey business? Maybe it’s a banana corporation with a headquarters staffed by serious looking monkeys in (of course) monkey suits, vigorously debating on the merits of shipping products from Brazil or from Madagascar. Bongo, the vice president of sales, says shipping from Brazil would make more sense because postage is cheaper and the currency rate is better. But Momo, the vice president of acquisitions, says there’s far too much red tape when dealing with Brazil and its bureaucratic regulations. He says that Madagascar has been easy to work with in the past, like with the Mango Jelly Baby Food deal, which made millions for the company last year. It looks like things might get ugly, with the board split right down the middle. They’re going to have to call the president and CEO, Jumbo, Sr., for his opinion…Product DetailsYou’re sure to have a wild time in this exclusive Women’s Sassy Monkey Costume. The brown one-piece costume is made from 100 percent polyester faux shearling fabric that mimics cute monkey fur, and it comes with a hood that has adorable monkey ears on top. There is a zipper down the front with a banana-shaped zipper pull for easy wear, along with long sleeves that end in ribbed cuffs. Of course, no good monkey would go anywhere without a cute tail (we’re looking at you, gorillas!), and this costume comes with a stuffed tail sewn to the back of the suit. The tail has wire inside and be bent as desired.Monkeying AroundOkay, there probably aren’t banana companies staffed entirely by monkeys, even though that would be really fun. But you can at least bring some funny monkey business to your next part with the Women’s Sassy Monkey Costume. Don’t forget your bananas!

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