Women’s Dreadful Nun Costume


This women’s tattered dreadful nun costume adds a dose of horror to a classic Halloween look. Look like a horrifying nun this year on Halloween with this costume.

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The Trouble with ExorcismsIf you’ve ever been a student in Catholic School, nuns probably already scare you. However, this nun is by far the scariest that we’ve ever encountered. There’s actually a creepy story that accompanies this terrifying costume and if you’re brave enough, read on to find out why this nun is so spine-chilling… if you dare!Sister Mary Catherine was once a dutiful nun who served the priest and her church honorably. Things all changed the day that she went along to help the priest with an exorcism. There was a girl who had an evil demon trapped inside of her, so Sister Mary and the priest attempted to rid the girl of this possession. (Naturally, that’s the whole point, right?) The exorcism was excruciating, but the priest was able to successfully lift the demon from the girl’s body. The story should have ended there, but you see where this is going. The Satanic incubus jumped from the young girl’s body right into Sister Mary Catherine’s body, hence, her ghoulish appearance!Design & DetailsThis dreadful nun costume depicts Sister Mary Catherine after her possession and it will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up on end. This complete costume includes the black dress, the collar with the upside-down cross, the black and white headpiece, the comfy leggings, and a black pair of gloves. We recommend wearing a rosary, black heels, and some black contacts so you can get the complete possessed look. Once you have everything you need, unleash your inner demon and let the haunting begin!Exorcist 2.0?Once you garb yourself up in this haunted nun costume, we have to wonder if this is going to be you in a fun and horrifying costume or if you, too, will have become possessed. We might recommend a priest costume in conjunction, just in case things get really scary! 

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