Women’s Plus Size Disco Queen Costume


Hit the dance floor in style for your next 70s party in our Women’s Plus Size Disco Queen Costume that is exclusive and Made by Us! This costume features groovy iridescent rainbow colored sequins on a black background.

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Make Your MoveMany dance crazes have taken over discos and clubs over the years. Some of them survive to this day. Who doesn’t still know the basics of the Macarena? Hip, hip, shoulder, shoulder, twist, right? Many dances are timeless. You’ve probably heard of The Hustle and The Electric Slide, even if you don’t know all the moves. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a truly inspired dance take over the floors everywhere from popular nightclubs to hometown weddings. Nothing truly inspirational has come to pass since we stopped using real disco balls and rocking sparkles like the disco era. We think it’s time that the people take over. We think it’s time that you find a dance craze of your own! Inspire your dance moves to epic proportions with this Disco Queen costume!Design & DetailsOur in-house designers had dancing in mind when they created this Made By Us Disco Queen costume. The look features a comfortable yet flashy mock wrap top. The billowing sleeves let you breathe on the dance floor while the faux leather belt can be placed where you like for a flattering fit. Sparkling flared pants match the top, letting you shine in disco style all through the night!In the GrooveDo you already have a signature move? Is your shuffle, step extraordinary? Can you cha-cha with the best of them? This Disco Queen costume will let your dance moves shine, no matter what kind of music you’re listening to. Pair this costume with platform heels, dramatic hair, and chunky jewelry, and you’ll be ready to let your groove loose! Are you loving the way you look? Tag us in photos of your costume on Instagram and we’ll post it on this product page. The world deserves to see just how groovy you can be! 

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