Women’s Long Dark Red Wig


Compete your fantasy look when you get this Women’s Long Dark Red Wig! From vampire, sorceress or a dark fairy, this wig will be the perfect accessory for your costume.

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Redheads Have More Fun Call it a stereotype, but there’s something about having red hair that suggests a fiery nature! Maybe that’s why so many stories and movies portray the warrior princess or the seductive vampire as a red-head. Fortunately, you look stunning in red and you have plenty of spice to back it up! Product DetailsGive “seeing red” a whole new meaning when you wear your Long Dark Red Wig for Women! A comfortable mesh wig cap is adorned with abundant crimson locks that reach approximately to your waist or hip. The synthetic hair is parted in the middle and can be gently styled with non-heated tools. A Vision in Red We love a versatile accessory, and this wig truly delivers! You can wear it with a wide range of costumes, but you can also pull it out any time you feel like you want a hairdo switcheroo. It’s a lot easier (and faster!) than growing out your hair and dyeing it. 

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