Womens 60s Singer Costume


Become the long-haired diva whose career thrived during the 60s when you wear this Womens 60s Singer Costume!

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Hey, groovy lady! Do you ever wonder what it would be like to head back to another time? A time, not so far back from now, a time when people reveled in shag carpeting and faux wood panels. A time that produced music that remains foxy to this day. When was this magical time you ask? Step into the VW bus with us and we’ll take you.  Well, now that we’ve gone through that tie-dye portal to the past you might know that we’re talking about the seventies. Yes, we could have just told you about the seventies but time travel is way more fun, don’t you think? Let’s move on with our fashionable foxy tour of this interesting decade. Looking around you’ll see that the people in the late sixties either have huge perms or flat ironed hair. The name of the game was the more hair the better. Look at the feet of any passing cool kid and you’ll see both men and women wearing platform shoes. Ooh, quick, if you look to your left you’ll see the iconic handlebar mustache. Yes, indeed it is a little gross, men grew facial hair in all shapes and sizes in this decade! What’s that? You want to stay? We understand, the smell of Patchouli and the groovy music has proved to be enticing for many of our travelers, that’s a big commitment to make before even finishing our tour but it’s your life! Turns out we have the perfect ensemble to not only let you blend in but stick out as well. Far out that is. This top with its orange fur, glamorous sheen, and fringe this top will be perfect for banging that tambourine. With the striped bell bottoms, you’ll feel like the foxiest lady in town. Well, we have to go back to the future now. Beware the high waisted jeans of the eighties! Remember to invest in internet technology! Goodbye! You look great, goodbye!

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