Women’s Plus Size Creepy Scarecrow Costume


Whether you are haunting the fields, or mixing it up at your next costume party, we think this Women’s Plus Size Creepy Scarecrow Costume will surely help you stand out!

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Scarecrow or Scarehuman?So, you’re kind of ditzy? Quirky in a fun way, but also very kind? You enjoy being generous, donating your time and treasure to local causes regularly? This is the very best costume for you.Nothing scares people like a 180-degree personality shift in a single night! “Where’s our delightful and blithe friend?” they will ask. Boom! A scythe hurtles through the party and lands in the chip bowl.“I’m right here,” you will call with a broken cackle at the end. “But I’ve changed… and I don’t just mean I changed into this Women’s Plus Size Creepy Scarecrow Costume… I mean I’ve become something dark tonight. Fear me, fools!”Just think of the havoc you can wreak at a party of all your unsuspecting friends when you suddenly become a maniacal sociopath for one night!Product DetailsThis Women’s Plus Size Creepy Scarecrow Costume is just what you need to make an impression at your next costume party. The costume comes with a plastic toy scythe that you can use to menace your enemies. The hat is printed with flannel-patch details and has a hair clip mounted inside to help it stay in place. A short length of rope helps cinch the costume neatly around your waist. The 100 percent polyester tunic has more printed details, including a very convincingly designed straw collar that looks very realistic and scretchy, but is actually very soft.Outstanding in your FieldScarecrows really don’t get enough credit. They are a simple and elegant solution to the age-old problem of pests eating up precious crops. But on the other hand, hardly a thing is creepier than being in a field alone at night and suddenly coming upon a still and silent humanoid figure. You never know if it’s a friendly and brave scarecrow just doing its job, or a homicidal maniac who wants to add you to his collection of all too real scarecrows. It’s 50/50.

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