Inflatable Minion Costume for Adults


Dress as your favorite one eyed character in this Adult Inflatable Minion Costume. You look larger than life while sporting this inflatable costume that covers you from head to toe.

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Fair PlayHanging out around the lair with Gru and his family is always a load of fun. You get to eat delicious cookies, wear silly clothes, and play with those amazing three girls that Gru adopted. It has been a party and a half for the last several months with them around!Still, though, you do love to stretch your legs and get out on the town now and again. Heading to the local library, you always cause a stir with your giant single-eyed head and your tiny little legs. Hanging out in the local park always earns you a lot of weird looks, which makes sense because you are so weird looking! Even though you are a sight to see, nothing will stop you from sneaking out to cause mischief in town with a whole horde of your friends.Keep Your Eye on ItBeing a little yellow thing with one huge eye should be pretty high on anyone’s dream sheet of activities and, luckily, this Adult Inflatable Minion Costume will let you live that fantasy out in style. This inflatable costume comes with an attached air blower that will fill the volume of the costume with comfortable, cooling air. The oversized torso with its film-accurate overalls and large eye are sure to impress any minion fan out there! Even Gru couldn’t say no to wearing this awesome costume!Finding the Minion Inside YourselfIf you are looking for the perfectly short and yellow way to impress your friends, then this Adult Inflatable Minion Costume is for you! You only have to provide the chipper and silly spirit of a minion and the costume will do the rest!

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