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I hear that being a nun can be pretty difficult. Why? Because they don’t have any pockets in their dresses! How unholy! Well, we solved that problem for you with this Holy Bible Costume Accessory Purse. Walk around blessing people in style!

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Daily EssentialsYour copy of the Bible carries plenty of important lessons and information in its pages. When you need a lift in your day, you can find one under the cover. If you’re feeling a bit peckish, another turn of the pages, and you may feel full to the brim. You can even find connection in the printed words, so no day feels lonely. The only thing your Bible doesn’t do for you is carry the physical things you need throughout your day. But it can! And our clever team of designers took the time to make it happen!Design & DetailsBring more than fulfilling words with you when you purchase this Holy Bible Costume Accessory Purse! This 9” x 6” x 2” costume purse is a great way to safely carry your standard-sized Bible. However, that substantial pocket is perfect for carrying all the essentials as well! Pack a snack for sustenance, your phone for connecting to your world, and cash for grabbing the quick treat that’s sure to boost your mood! With everything stored inside this exclusive leatherette bag featuring print graphics inspired by your favorite book, you’ll have what you need in any situation!Glory BeDressing as a nun for Halloween? Donning a collar to act as priest? Want a cheeky way to dress up your Sunday best? Rejoice! This Holy Bible Purse has you covered! Add the Made By Us costume accessory to any religious costume to carry the essentials and good word with you. Or wear the stylish bag whenever you want to impress with a glorious and unique outfit!

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