Deluxe Oversized Squirrel Tail


It’s going Squirrel! I’m yelling Acorn!!! You better be ready to do your squirrel dance when you add this Deluxe Oversized Squirrel Tail to your costume!

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Bright-Eyed & Bushy-TailedSadly, evolution has yet to catch up to your wish to be more squirrel-like.Honestly, is there anything more adorable than a little squirrel jumping around the yard, picking up stuff with their little squirrel hands, and then darting into a tree because they heard a car? Maybe you adore squirrels. Maybe you have a pet squirrel (though honestly, we hope not). Maybe you just want to harass your dog for a day. Whatever your motivation, the squirrel is your muse, and we can’t think of anything more adorable than that! Instead of waiting another million years to get that tail (we know you’ve never been one for patience), why not just get this Deluxe Oversized Squirrel Tail today? Product DetailsThe tail inflates via multiple air valves to achieve a full and bouncy tail that any squirrel in your neighborhood would be proud of. The tail attaches to your belt with a handy loop which fastens with Hook and Loop fastener tabs. Just slip the elastic shoulder loops around your arms and the squirrel accessory will stay in place for hours.Complete The Look To be as bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as the squirrels who run your block, there are some other essentials you’ll need to make your costume complete. We recommend wearing furry boot covers and a latex squirrel mask and you’re well on your way to being your neighborhood’s best nut-forager.        

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