Adult Vampire Capelet


Looking for the perfect accessory to set yourself apart as the true rule of darkness? You’ll be ready to roam the night in style when you add this Adult Vampire Capelet to your look!

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Countess of the NightBeing a vampire is all about the drama. There’s something so elegant about a creature with ties back to Transylvanian nobility, who hunts at night and sleeps in an ancient castle during the day. You can’t just run around in ripped jeans and an old hoodie: You need to dress the part! Product DetailsEmbrace your inner monster in this Vampire Capelet for Adults! The last word in sophistication, the mini capelet is made of rich polyester velvet in a night-black shade. It fastens across your chest with a metal chain (not silver – don’t worry!) that is anchored by two crimson roses. The high collar is lined in dramatic red fabric and its swooping edge mimics a bat’s wingtips. Vampire VixenComplete a stunning outfit with this dramatic capelet! No man alive will be able to resist your dark charm. His fate will be sealed before he even sees your fangs. 

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