Women’s Nativity Mary Costume


This exclusive Women’s Nativity Mary Costume will be perfect for your upcoming church play! You’ll love retelling the story of the birth of Jesus while wearing this beautiful costume.

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Share the StoryIt’s one of the greatest stories ever told! And just think, it all started with a bit of bad luck! Over 2,000 years ago, Joseph and Mary headed to Bethlehem to register for the census… but wouldn’t you know it, all of the rooms at the inn were booked. With all of their other options gone, they took shelter in a stable and had to stay with all of the animals. In that humble little space, a miracle happened and we revere that moment even today! Just imagine how different the story would be if Mary and Joseph had no problems booking a room!Well, if you’re ready to share the humble, yet miraculous beginnings of Jesus, then this Women’s Nativity Mary Costume is the perfect outfit. It’s designed to give you the classic look for Christmas pageants and nativity scenes.Design & DetailsThis women’s costume is one of our many Made by Us costumes, which means that our costume designers took great care crafting this look. The costume starts with a white dress that fits with a zipper in the back. It also has an elastic waistband to help provide a comfortable fit. The shawl is sky blue, and drapes around your shoulders to give you that classic Mary nativity look. The veil is shaped to sit on your head, and can be held in place by putting the headband on over it. The belt is made of gold metallic faux leather and it closes with hook & loop fastener in the back. Finally, the halo is attached to a simple headband that fits on your head to complete the look!Be a Part of the Nativity SceneIf you want to share the story of Jesus, then this costume is a great way to participate in a nativity scene this Christmas season! We carry plenty of biblical costumes that will help you share the greatest stories of all time.

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