Moses Costume for Men


This Adult Moses Costume is perfect for church plays and pageants. Playing Moses is a very important role and it’s necessary to look the part.

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Stubborn PharaohIf we were the pharaoh in the Book of Exodus, we’d have been a lot less stubborn after Moses showed us what he could do. We mean, as soon as the prophet turned a staff into a snake, that’s when we’d have said “THAT’S IT! WE’VE SEEN ENOUGH!” and probably gone so far as to offer Moses and the Israelites a ride to the promised land ourselves. Moses might have said, “But I’ve got all these plagues lined up…boils…frogs…and you’re going to hate the last one…” And we’d have said “You just turned a stick into a bloody boa constrictor, did you really not think that would be enough? GET OUT OF HERE!”Well, that’s just how stubborn the Pharaoh was! Still, Moses taught us a lot about perseverance and we appreciate him sticking to his guns. How many men have the tenacity to look for a place for forty years without once stopping to ask for directions? (Paradoxically, that joke might just be older than Moses himself.)Product DetailsWhen you wear this robe, belt, and tunic, you’ll look just like the Biblical figure for your next play based on the iconic story. The costume comes with a long, sleeveless tunic with printed detailing on the exterior. It also comes with a maroon rob with an open front. The faux suede belt fits around the waist to bring the whole look together. And if you don’t want to grow your beard out for five years, take the easy way out and get a beard wig here while you’re at it!

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